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  • Lifestyle fitness camp for adults programLifeStyle Fitness is more than a name. Everything we do in our weight loss program at our fitness boot camp is for the purpose of teaching YOU how to make lasting fitness, nutrition & overall wellness changes.
    The biggest difference is the size of our weight loss camp for adults. We will never have more than ten participants at a time. This allows us to focus on you as an individual. Another big difference with our adult fitness programs is that all aspects of health and fitness are hands on for our weight loss retreat & fitness camp clients.

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  • Lifestyle fitness camp technology for weight loss tracking and successAt our weight loss camp for adults, we will provide you with everything you need for the most effective weight loss. Just show up and give us your best. We have trained professionals from fitness trainers to boot camp trainers and state of the art workout facility.
    We offer many different fitness options to get a great workout. We do circuit training and cardio training, hiking to boot camp workouts.

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  • Lifestyle Fitness Camp prices and ratesLifeStyle Fitness Camp has limited space. We are committed to helping you change your life. When comparing weight loss camps and weight loss programs, our goal is to help our guests establish life changing health and fitness habits with hands on experience.

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Contact us at Lifestyle Fitness Camp to sign up for our fitness retreatSimply give us a call at (855) 212-8423 when you know the dates that you would like to join us. We will then email you the necessary paperwork to complete and send back to us. We also require a deposit to reserve your spot.

Contact us if you need more information about our fitness boot camp here in St. Georges, Utah.

My overall health has greatly improved. I have lost 65 pounds and 36 1/4 inches overall. My goal this year is to run in a 70 mile relay. My energy level is at an all time high and most days I can out play my kids. I enjoy shopping for clothes and I can fit in my wedding dress again! ...

Lindy, Utah

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Lifestyle Fitness Camp for adults. Limited time offer available. Call now! (855) 212-8423